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Welcome to the Immortal Cities: Nile Online Wiki Edit

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Immortal Cities: Nile Online is a browser-based game set in Ancient Egypt, developed by Tilted Mill Entertainment. There is no set goal or objective. The game is played on an infinite-round basis, there are no world resets. The main focus of the game is to produce and trade resources in order to grow your city, found new cities, build monuments and accumulate resources in preparation for "immortality". There is a player versus player aspect that allows players to gain control of "monuments" from either an AI force or other players.

Community Edit

This community is a place where new, old and returning players can share their knowledge, experience and pick up from the game where they left off. This game is "slow and smouldering" it has a limited number of brand new players but MANY dedicated "cult" fans. Many players are those that left the game and returned after - their empires "Lost to the sands" and their abandon monuments conquered, they start again from scratch. Then repeat again. This is place where you can create an account and keep in touch with the game and those that might be taking a break or actively playing. It is also a place to create an Immortal Scroll of your city !!

Immortal Scroll Edit

Coming soon

The Immortal Scroll is a page on this wiki dedicated to YOUR empire. For new cities or old established empires alike. Include screenshots of cities, nomes or rankings, ally lists, plans, tips anything. Use it:

  • As an extension of your in-game papyrus planner
  • To teach and inspire newbies
  • To track the growth and progress of your empire
  • Anything

If you have created a page and immortalised yourself you can also request to have current players, find your in-game tomb and include a screenshot on your page so you and everyone else can see it. The best and most useful pages will be featured as "guides" for newbies.

The page you created will be here forever, available for you to edit and others to read. No matter if you take a short or long break from the game or immortalise your in game account and retire forever - Truly Immortal.


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We look forward to having you as part of our fledgling community, and hope that you'll help us to expand on our path to become the best guide to Immortal Cities: Nile Online on the internet.